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We Bought It
EZE-LAP Diamond Hone & Stone

EZE-LAP Diamond Hone & Stone

If you are looking for the smallest and handiest sharpener for knives and outdoor gear, even in the workshop, the EZE-LAP Diamond Hones for about $15.00 can't be beat! We own these and they get used more than any other sharpener we have. They are only about 5/32" thick and 6" long so they take up little space in a ...

The Connoisseur’s Vault

The Connoisseur’s Vault

Yup, you read the price right, a whopping $155K for this vault. You'd have to have some pretty pricy cigars to make this purchase worth your while - or lots of cash that just should not be in the bank! We think if you dishing out a staggering $155,000 for a small safe, you should a least have some options on how ...

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